VVF works to protect the lands our men and women in uniform served to protect, and advance energy and environmental policies that will enhance our national security and preserve our lands for generations to come. 

Veterans share a strong connection with the outdoors and believe that protecting our national public lands is a patriotic duty. America’s public lands belong to everyone in our country. Our national forests, national monuments, wildlife refuges and other national public lands are part of our country’s outdoor heritage and must continue to be passed down to our future generations. That is why we advocate for legislation, policies, and funding that preserves, maintains, and protects our public lands.

The U.S. Department of Defense has officially called climate change a “threat multiplier.” It is our soldiers who are on the front lines on our behalf — fulfilling a solemn oath they hold sacred.  Veterans — perhaps more than most — realize the need to move quickly into a 21st century economy that prioritizes energy independence, a value that is unachievable without robust investment in clean, renewable energy such as solar and wind and common sense, forward-thinking policy that addresses the climate crisis.