VVF works to combat disinformation with a multipronged approach that includes recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers to combat conspiracy theories in real-time, and educating Veterans and volunteers on how to recognize misinformation.

Within the last decade, domestic agents have promoted disinformation and conspiracy theories spun by former President Donald Trump. Veterans are uniquely targeted by these malicious actors because of the elevated role the military plays in American society.

Veterans are seen as a respected authority by both sides of the aisle, making their voice a valued amplifier for disinformation and conspiracy theories. Being trained in military tactics and weaponry make veterans appealing to far-right militia groups. Older veterans are especially susceptible to these targeted attacks due to an increasingly widening gap in media literacy. Since the veteran community is uniquely connected through shared service, Veterans are active in peer groups on social media, making veteran-to-veteran spread of disinformation rampant.

Action must be taken in order to curb the spread of disinformation targeted at and spread by Veterans in order to fortify our democracy. VVF is leading the charge on this critical issue.