National Security Experts & Former Senior Military Leaders Back Biden Administration’s Pause on New LNG Export Licenses, Urge Congress to Increase Scrutiny of Industry

“Unfettered LNG exports are significantly weakening our national security position.”


(Washington, DC) – Today, Vet Voice Foundation sent a letter to Congressional leaders signed by retired senior military leaders and national security experts, urging them to consider the dangerous impacts of unlimited liquefied natural gas exports on our national security in all deliberations and support the Department of Energy’s strategic assessment being conducted during the Biden Administration’s pause on new export authorizations. Below is an excerpt from the letter: 

“Whereas U.S. gas previously could be strategically deployed in response to threats like Putin’s attack on Ukraine, our nation’s ability to do so in the future could be hampered given that gas we produce here is already contracted to go to our rivals. Unfettered LNG exports are significantly weakening our national security position. As a result, the United States could be approaching future crises with one hand tied behind our back, dramatically reducing our ability to engage as effectively as possible.”

This letter shows strong support for the Biden Administration’s decision to pause and re-evaluate new LNG exports from retired military leaders and national security experts. It also highlights the dangers of the House GOP’s recent attempts to undo the Biden Administration’s pause and how unlimited LNG exports threaten national security. 

As a vital part of this review process, the letter emphasizes the need for this pause to result in meaningful change in how the Department of Energy reviews LNG exports going forward.

 “The pause on new LNG export authorizations is a vital opportunity to ensure US energy is no longer used to embolden our national security rivals. We cannot afford to lose this opportunity,” the letter reads. 

Retired military and national officials signed onto the letter include: 

The Honorable Ray Mabus, 75th Secretary of the Navy
Lieutenant General (Ret) Jeff Buchanan, USA
Rear Admiral (LH) (Ret) Michael S. Baker, USN, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Major General (Ret) Paul Eaton, USA
Major General (Ret) Ralph L. Haynes, USA, MD, MBA
Major General (Ret) Gale S. Pollock, USA, CRNA, FACHE, FAAN
Brigadier General (Ret) Steven M. Anderson, USA
Brigadier General (Ret) Leif Hendrickson, USMC
Brigadier General (Ret) Mark O’Neill, USA
Sergeant Major (Ret) Marshall Williams, USA