Statement of Vet Voice Foundation on Department of Veterans Affairs Proposed Rule to Provide Abortions Services to Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs published a proposed rule that would allow facilities to provide abortion services to veterans in the cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother. The following is the statement of Janessa Goldbeck, Marine veteran and CEO of the non-partisan, non-profit Vet Voice Foundation.

“Today’s proposed rule represents a big step forward in the fight to protect reproductive rights, post-Dobbs. The Department of Defense has long provided abortion services for Servicemembers who are victims of rape, or whose lives are threatened by continuing with a pregnancy. It simply makes sense that these services would continue to be provided for veterans, by the VA, after they leave the service. While this proposed rule is an important step in the right direction, we urge the Secretary to do more to support the health care choices of veterans throughout our county.”