Vet Voice Foundation Launches National Ad, Slamming Big Oil’s Land Grab Attempts

Six-Figure Ad Buy Running On Digital Channels, Nationwide, and Select States on Cable

WASHINGTON, DC – The non-partisan, non-profit Vet Voice Foundation, representing over 1.5 million veterans, military families, and their civilian supporters, is launching a national cable ad today, calling out the oil industry for jacking up gas prices and trying to seize more public land for drilling, even as thousands of acres already leased to them sit unused.

The ad features Hal Donahue, a Vietnam Veteran. In the ad, Hal says, “I didn’t fight for my country to let oil companies destroy our way of life.”

The ads, part of a six-figure national television buy, will air on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News across the Mountain West, specifically in Montana, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. The ads will also run online.


The ad highlights how oil company executives are exploiting the current crisis to pressure the Biden administration to give them more public lands to drill on – despite the fact that oil and gas companies raked in record profits last year – and are already sitting on more than 9,000 unused leases.

“Veterans and military families are not going to stand by while oil and gas companies exploit a crisis to plunder more of our nation’s public lands,” said Janessa Goldbeck, Marine Corps veteran and CEO of Vet Voice Foundation. “Extraordinary profits and deceptive spin are just more of the same from oil and gas CEOs who have for decades jacked up prices at the expense of consumers, all while demanding more government giveaways and minimizing the role of fossil fuels in heating the planet. Today, we are calling them out on their greed and calling on America to move quickly towards a clean energy future.”