Vet Voice Foundation On News That Ryan Zinke Is Developing Land for Profit, With Halliburton, That Was Intended to Honor Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC – A veterans foundation with a long history of working on public lands issues is reacting to news that Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke’s foundation is working with Halliburton to develop land, for profit, that Zinke had previously said would go towards a park to honor veterans.

The story, first reported in Politico, says the land that Zinke had promised to honor veterans will now be a parking lot, as part of a project with Halliburton.  Garett Reppenhagen, Western States Director for the Vet Voice Foundation, says the issue mirrors how Zinke has operated as Secretary of Interior.

“This is all a perfect encapsulation of how Ryan Zinke has operated at Interior – being deceitful about intent, and always seeing how he can personally benefit,” Reppenhagen said. “He says he has veterans in mind, but just like never developing land that he promised them in Montana, before cashing out on it with Halliburton, he’s pushing to end the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which is a key source of funding for preserving our historical battlefields from development, as well as public lands that veterans rely on.  All the while, he uses agency funds to his own personal benefit.”