Vet Voice Foundation Responds to Biden Administration’s Pause on LNG Approvals

WASHINGTON, DC – The Biden administration announced today that the Department of Energy will pause the approval of new liquified natural gas (LNG) export terminals while it reviews the Public Interest Determination – the process by which it approves LNG exports: 

In response, Vet Voice Foundation CEO, Janessa Goldbeck, released the following statement:

“We applaud the decision by President Biden and Secretary Granholm to tackle a serious national security vulnerability by pausing the approval of new LNG exports and reassessing whether sending more US gas overseas is in the best interest of our country and national security.  Amid the oil and gas industry’s ongoing push to keep raking in record profits, LNG exports have devolved from an asset for our allies to a serious national security vulnerability. Europe’s need for gas has been met and is declining, but greedy CEOs are pushing to keep their cash cow going by selling US LNG to our adversaries in record numbers. Before it has even been built, LNG from the CP2 facility is already contracted to go to Chinese companies. 

“To put it plainly, letting China buy up huge quantities of American LNG and leverage it to expand their influence over the global energy market is a serious risk to our national security; one that could harm our ability to sufficiently respond in moments of crisis. Coupled with the fact that they greatly exacerbate climate change and the challenges it poses to the safety and security of our nation’s military personnel around the globe, LNG exports must be assessed for their risks across the board. The Biden Administration is making the prudent move for our national security  and our nation by pausing new approvals and looking closely at the risks involved with the ongoing LNG buildout.”