Vet Voice Foundation Statement Following House Natural Resources Committee Hearing

Today Vet Voice Foundation’s Will Goodwin, a US Army veteran, released the following statement:

Today’s House Natural Resources Committee hearing was another glaring example of the Trump Administration’s mixed messages when it comes to our public lands. 

“Yesterday President Trump called for full, permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). We’re thrilled. Simultaneously, though, the president’s own budget, sent to Capitol Hill last week, calls for a 97% cut to funding for LWCF. 
“So, our question is which is it — full, permanent funding or total destruction?
“Enough thanks can’t be given to those Committee members who held the Administration’s feet to the fire, especially those seeking clarification on the Administration’s opinion of the overwhelmingly bipartisan and popular LWCF. 
“This much is clear: Veterans have long-turned to our nation’s public lands to reconnect with fellow veterans and to re-acclimate to life following their service. This is why the Vet Voice Foundation is so steadfast in our support for a permanent and fully funded Land and Water Conservation Fund — a program that serves our fellow veterans, our fellow Americans, and protects the lands we swore to defend.