Vet Voice Foundation Statement on President Biden’s Plan to Respond to Putin’s Price Hike At the Pump

Washington, D.C. — Today, President Biden announced a plan to ease the pain that Americans are feeling at the pump because of Putin’s Price Hike. In response, Vet Voice Foundation CEO, Janessa Goldbeck, released the following statement:

“Putin is nothing more than an oil baron with a military, which is why America’s oil ban helped disrupt his war machine so quickly. Veterans and military families understand that we need to do everything we can to help Ukraine win the war, and then bleed Putin dry, so it never happens again. President Biden understands that we can do that by ending our dependence on oil and leading a global energy revolution.

“Vet Voice Foundation recently released an ad, featuring Vietnam veteran Hal Donahue, which highlights how oil company executives are exploiting the current crisis. We thank President Biden for increasing domestic supply without yielding to oil and gas executives who are exploiting Putin’s war to reap record profits and seize more public land for drilling, even as more than 9,000 drilling permits currently sit unused.

“If oil and gas executives continue to hoard America’s public lands and refuse to use their existing leases on permitted lands, Congress should hold them accountable for price gouging and sabotaging America’s energy independence.”

The ad, part of a six-figure national cable and digital buy, can be viewed here.