Vet Voice Foundation Statement on the Decision to Overturn the BLM's 2016 Waste Prevention Rule

The Vet Voice Foundation’s Kate Hoit, a US Army veteran, released the following statement

“In 2016, Vet Voice Foundation (VVF)—along with 200 veterans—called for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to stop methane waste from oil and gas development on public and tribal lands. On Friday, we learned that the Trump administration sided with the oil and gas industry and overturned BLM’s 2016 Waste Prevention Rule. 

“Veterans have a strong connection to our public lands and believe protecting them is our patriotic dutyWe simply cannot allow oil and gas companies to waste our energy sources while we continue to put service members in harm’s way overseas. The Trump administration would rather let their oil and gas industry pals off the hook for venting, flaring, and leaking millions of dollars’ worth of methane on public and Tribal lands instead of standing up for the public interest, protecting taxpayers, and safeguarding communities across the West. 

“There is overwhelming support for these common-sense safeguards that curb methane waste from the oil and gas industry, and VVF will continue to fight to uphold the BLM’s 2016 Methane Waste Rule.”