VVF statement on NDAA clearing House Rules

Washington, D.C. – Over the past several weeks, veterans came out against the extemporaneous, anti-environmental riders that have weighed down the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act. More than 500 veterans signed onto a letter to Senate and House leadership and conferees calling for controversial a sage grouse and species rider, and other controversial environmental riders like it, to be excluded from the conference package. Ten veterans flew to DC to carry the same message in person. Yesterday, our voices and concerns were heard when the final NDAA conference report was filed—which excluded the misguided sage grouse rider. 

“We were pleased to see that conferees listened to veterans across the country and excluded the highly contentious sage-grouse rider. Controversial issues like this should not weigh down legislation that delivers on the government’s solemn promise to support those who put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of the nation. This bill is too important to the men and women who serve to allow it to be hijacked by partisan discontent. We hope the House will vote to pass the bill without delay.,” said retired Major General Paul Eaton, managing director of Vet Voice Foundation.

We will continue to watch this bill–along with other environmental bills–closely to let Congress know that veterans are not done serving this country.