VVF Statement on the Nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to Lead the Bureau of Land Management

Washington, D.C. — Tracy Stone-Manning has been nominated to lead the Bureau of Land  Management. Ahead of her confirmation hearing, Vet Voice Foundation’s Mary Kaszynski  released the following statement:  

“Tracey Stone-Manning is a public lands champion and therefore our ideal candidate to  lead the Bureau of Land Management.  

“Veterans and military families have a well-documented relationship with our nation’s wild  spaces and conservation-focused advocacy. Whether for healing, reunions, or  recreation, veterans have long-turned to our public lands and waterways in the wake of  military service.  

“It’s beyond refreshing to know that, after four years without a Senate-confirmed head of  the Bureau, we’ll finally have someone qualified at the helm — focused on safeguarding  our nation’s treasured public lands and not on finding new spots on a map for  exploitation.  

“Stone-Manning will lead through listening — to recreationists, hunters, anglers, business  owners, tribal communities, and, yes, veterans and military families. At Stone-Manning’s  Bureau of Land Management, all stakeholders will have a seat at the table and all will  play a part in finding new, collaborative policy solutions that will ensure the preservation  of our public lands and waterways for generations to come.”