Vet Voice Foundation Places Full-Page Sunday Times Ad Urging Media To Be Better On Guns

“It’s not gun control. It’s gun safety,” ad declares

WASHINGTON, DC – The non-profit, non-partisan Vet Voice Foundation is out with a bold and simple full page ad in today’s Sunday New York Times, urging media to be better when it comes to reporting on gun violence and gun safety measures being proposed in response.

On a black background, the ad says in white lettering, “Calling all editors, reporters and columnists: It’s not gun control. It’s gun safety. In the military, we trained thoroughly to handle and store weapons safely. We’re subject to rigorous, mandatory background checks and other safety measures. Those procedures have nothing to do with control — they are in place to save lives. Please stop using the talking points of gun profiteers when reporting on an issue that impacts the safety of our children and our communities. Words matter.”

The ad can be viewed here:

“It’s a gross misnomer that gun safety policies are about control, and responsible members of the media need to stop using language that implies it is,” said Major General (Ret.) Paul D. Eaton, Senior Advisor to Vet Voice. “When I was commanding general at Ft. Benning, I was keenly aware of the danger posed by unfettered, unregulated access to weapons. That’s why we in the military institute many of the same safety measures that are being proposed. It isn’t about control, it is about safety.”

“We don’t call it auto control when we require licenses and insurance.  We call it auto safety. We don’t call it food control when we require production plants to pass regular health and safety checks. We call it food safety. There is no reason to falsely call it ‘gun control,’ unless you’re looking to promote the view of gun manufacturers and their lobby,” Eaton concluded.

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