Vet Voice Foundation Statement Following Today’s Cloture Vote On The Great American Outdoors Act

The Vet Voice Foundation’s Will Goodwin, a US Army veteran, released the following statement today: 

“We’re one step closer. Today a major milestone was achieved when the Senate advanced the Great American Outdoors Act. While far from over, we’re thrilled that this common-sense, bipartisan legislation is moving through the legislative process and is on its way to becoming law.  

“Plain and simple: The Great American Outdoors Act is a pro-veteran, pro-military family bill to support our nation’s public lands. That’s why we’ve been working to organize veterans — around the country, online, and in Washington, D.C. — to engage lawmakers and encourage them to pass The Great American Outdoors Act into law. 

“We call on every member of the Senate to vote in favor of the Great American Outdoors Act and we ask that the House of Representatives move swiftly to bring this same legislation up for a vote so it can reach the president’s desk as soon as possible.”